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    Ça roule sur les roulettes!

    Provincial prizewinner

    OSEntreprendre Challenge

    This project was born from the desire of three boys to have a skatepark in their town.

    After talking to other young people in the community, the three students noted that most of their peers supported their project. They then undertook the steps to secure a site, approval and funding. City hall, local businesses and other residents were impressed by the three students' initiative and determination. Today, the town of Saint-Lazare-de-Bellechasse has a three-module skatepark. And the project continues to grow!

    Level of education

    Elementary Cycle Three (Elementary 5 and 6)

    Students involved

    16 Students

    Nature of the project


    Results observed

    Young people in the community are pleased with this initiative. The determination of the three students piloting the project was rewarded by the National Bank, which provided $5,000 in prizes. Raffle ticket sales brought in $1,000, and $200 was given by the youth foundation Jeunes-Projects. The goal of the project was initially to build one module, but this was then expanded to three. A positive graffiti contest was organized to encourage every student at the school to get involved in the project. Videos on skateboarding techniques were filmed, and a helmet safety awareness campaign was launched.

    Involvement and support

    Students at the school took part in the survey and entered the graffiti contest, as well as helped paint the graffiti. Fundraising among families and the community took the form of raffle ticket sales. Parents helped build the modules and paint the graffiti. One of the students' fathers accompanied the boys during their meeting at city hall and to look at ramp models. The community centre agreed to store the modules in the winter. The town of Saint-Lazare provided both funding and land for the project. Some teachers assisted the students with filling out different forms and advised them during committee meetings.

    Major steps

    • Confirmed need and gathered data through a survey
    • Wrote a business plan and presented the project to the municipal government
    • Funding sought
    • Committees struck and tasks assigned
    • Ramps built

    Project materials needed

    • Billets pour le tirage
    • Caméra pour le tournage des vidéos
    • Chèque-cadeau de commerçants locaux pour le tirage
    • Ordinateur
    • Usine partenaire pour la fabrication des rampes

    Connection with the Québec Education Program

    Education Through Entrepreneurial Spirit is excellent for integrating skills from the Preschool and elementary education program and the Secondary education program.

    Broad Areas of Learning

    Subject Areas

    Intellectual competency

    Methodological competencies

    Communication-Related competency

    Personal and social competency

    Positive influences on student retention

    Project suggestions

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