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    Escouade numérique

    Having noticed a general lack of familiarity with computers and other technological tools at the school, several students developed a tech support project with their peers from other classes.

    Not only does the Escouade numérique (EN) team provide top-notch tech support services, it helps teachers and students who want to improve their computer skills. The EN adapted to the lockdown and social distancing by filming virtual tutorials using applications the students found themselves. These videos were then uploaded to a blog and shared with the teachers. The EN team learnt how to use Chromebook to play their tutorials on the class smartboard so they could provide tech support while respecting social distancing.

    Level of education

    Elementary Cycle Three (Elementary 5 and 6)

    Students involved

    25 Students

    Nature of the project


    Results observed

    The project had several positive impacts on the students, who greatly expanded their knowledge of technological tools. Furthermore, several teachers and fellow students also developed their own skills in this area as a result of this project.

    In addition to improving their oral communication skills and learning more about themselves, the students developed many entrepreneurial talents, such as teamwork, a sense of responsibility, self-confidence, solidarity and perseverance. They learnt to respect others' strengths, make concessions and work with new partners.

    Involvement and support

    Entrepreneurs' Week was held at the school at the beginning of the year. One of the speakers was Annie Marois, an educational counsellor at the School Service Centre.

    Major steps

    • Actual problem identified: classes do not use technological tools to their full potential
    • Google Form survey done to ask which technological tools are used by the teaching staff and how they are used
    • Technological tools sorted by function 
    • Existing platforms reviewed to determine the ones best adapted to the school's needs
    • Tech support schedule established and included in the participating students' timetable
    • Support available to teachers during computer lessons to help them answer their classmates' questions
    • Tutorials and blog created
    • Developed new solutions adapted to the school's needs

    Project materials needed

    • Electronic equipment (e.g.: Chromebook, iPad)
    • Tripod and remote control

    Connection with the Québec Education Program

    Education Through Entrepreneurial Spirit is excellent for integrating skills from the Preschool and elementary education program and the Secondary education program.

    Broad Areas of Learning

    Subject Areas

    Intellectual competencies

    Methodological competencies

    Communication-Related competency

    Personal and social competencies

    Positive influences on student retention

    Project suggestions

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