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    Les Incroyables comestibles

    Provincial prizewinner

    OSEntreprendre Challenge

    The desire to protect the environment is an important value, and many consider action taken to benefit the planet as a demonstration of one's convictions.

    The students noticed there were no attractions at the park near the school. Inspired by Europe's Incredible Edible movement (Les Incroyables comestibles), the entire class wanted to grow food plants in order to share the bounty with others. The students, local residents and tourists were able to find fresh food available in different places around town. This project, a combination of entrepreneurship, civic duty and environmental awareness, was a source of pride for the community, as people improved their lifestyle habits by growing and eating food healthful for both them and the Earth.

    Level of education

    Elementary Cycle One (Elementary 1 and 2)

    Students involved

    25 Students

    Nature of the project


    Results observed

    The students demonstrated their commitment and team spirit on each committee they sat on. Some of the students participated in the town's environmental awareness day, during which they were proud to share what they had learnt with adults. An article on this initiative was published in the L'Écho de Maskinongé and an interview on the same topic was aired on community radio. This project strengthened the ties between the town and school. City hall was so proud of this project they appointed the teacher organizers as healthful lifestyle ambassadors to the RCM of Maskinongé.

    Involvement and support

    The town of St-Mathieu-du-Parc provided materials, financing and labour. Local businesses allowed the students to place the planters on their premises, and also offered to water and weed the planters over the summer. A local greenhouse (La pépinière du Parc) gave some of the students a free workshop on planter use and provided gardening advice. Parents helped build the wooden planters or lent tools for this purpose. The local day camp also took part in watering the planters.

    Major steps

    • Research conducted into the Incredible Edible movement and the steps to take to realize the project
    • Types of food plants chosen and the placement of planters determined 
    • Partners found
    • Explanatory panels designed
    • Plants put into the soil and tended

    Project materials needed

    • Planters
    • Cardboard (for explanatory panels)
    • Gardening tools
    • Seeds

    Connection with the Québec Education Program

    Education Through Entrepreneurial Spirit is excellent for integrating skills from the Preschool and elementary education program and the Secondary education program.

    Broad Areas of Learning

    Subject Areas

    Intellectual competencies

    Methodological competency

    Communication-Related competency

    Personal and social competency

    Positive influences on student retention

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