• The 4 intervention levers
  • 25 cartes illustrées
  • Databank of royalty-free images
  • Entrepreneurial Project Bank
  • Promotion of Measure 15111
  • AMEQ en ligne

    AMEQ en ligne (in French only) provides the most complete daily press review and is the most consulted website for Francophone jobs in education in Canada.

    École branchée

    The École branchée is a non-profit media whose mission is to support the development of professional expertise of the actors of education in the digital era to promote educational success.

    Open School

    An initiative of the Ministère de l'Éducation, Open School has thousands of resources for learning, creating, having fun and staying active, just like at school. The activities are designed to allow everyone to complete them on their own or with support from their friends and families.




    An initiative of Desjardins Group, The Project Factory specializes in crowdfunding for schools. Its mission is to support financial literacy.



    I have an idea! Let’s get down to business and get involved at home and at school.


    J’ai une idée! S'entreprendre et s'engager à l'école et à la maison (in French only) is an initiative that facilitates, thanks to online support, carrying out conscious and responsible entrepreneurship activities or projects at home or at school. Easy to carry out alone or with a teacher, educator, tutor, big brother, big sister or parent.