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  • Mélissa Harvey

    Zorah Biocosmétiques

    Participation in the OSEntreprendre Challenge
    • 2021 Successful Business Inc. Provincial Prizewinner

    • 2007 Business Creation Provincial Prizewinner

    • Business Operation, Processing, Production
    • Montréal

    Taking a risk with niche cosmetics

    2 à 3 kg

    The amount of argan nuts needed to make a single litre of argan oil. It is easy to understand why this pure oil is sold at the price of gold.

    Claiming that argan oil is miraculous would hardly be an understatement. This product is known as the green gold of Morocco, one of the only places on Earth where the argan tree grows. Argan oil is recognized for its countless skin benefits, including improving elasticity, neutralizing free radicals and restoring the skin barrier. Not surprisingly, cosmetic enterprises use this plant-based oil in their products, but none to the same extent as Montreal-based Zorah

    “In equal amounts, argan oil has seven times more antioxidants than olive oil. It is the foundation of our corporate identity: 63 of our 65 products contain it,” says Richard Morin, general manager and co-founder of Zorah. This enterprise with 35 employees specializes in high-quality organic argan oil cosmetics. In case you’re wondering, Zorah means “burst of beauty” in Tamazight, the language of the Berbers.

    This enterprise was launched in 2005 following a visit to southern Morocco by Zorah’s second co-founder, Mélissa Harvey. Upon her return to Quebec, the young woman teamed up with Morin to promote the benefits of argan oil. Zorah has built its reputation on the sale of its unique anti-aging products, some of which have won prestigious awards.

    “As we become a larger player in the industry, our competitors are feeling great pressure to have their business practices evolve. We have taken the gamble to break from the industry’s traditional method. Our approach is more respectful of the environment, as well as of our employees, suppliers and clients,” says Morin.

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