Commitment Sheet - Participant of the OSEntreprendre Challenge

1. In my capacity as a participant in and/or representative for a project registered for the OSEntreprendre Challenge, I undertake to:


1.1 Protect access to the data related to my registration

By taking the necessary measures to protect access to the registration form, limiting the disclosure of confidential information and notifying OSEntreprendre quickly, in writing, of any current or potential problems in this area.


1.2 Submit a complete registration form

By submitting a complete registration form which I can modify, or replace supporting documents for, until the official close of registration. After that date, access to my form is blocked.


1.3 Respect the rules and regulations of the OSEntreprendre Challenge

By providing any additional information or documents that could be requested of me in order to ensure that my application meets the eligibility criteria, is in the correct category or complies with the rules and regulations in force; and by undertaking to respect the said rules and regulations as well as the organizers’ decisions in this regard.


1.4 Participate in the selection interviews, if applicable

By making myself available whenever an in-person or online interview is set up for a category or a level. I understand that if I or another project representative are not present for an interview concerning a project, the application will be considered to have been withdrawn.

I also undertake, in order to respect the confidentiality agreements made with the various parties involved, not to film, record or capture the interview (sound and image), in whole or in part, by any means whatsoever, including but not limited to a recording device, cell phone, electronic device, software, application or screen shots.


1.4 Respect the jury’s decision

By accepting that the decision of the jury cannot be appealed and will not be subject to any justification, information or feedback.


1.5 Adopt ethical behaviour with regard to participation in the OSEntreprendre Challenge

By ensuring that any statements I make about the other OSEntreprendre Challenge participants or anyone else involved in its organization, whether as a volunteer or not, are respectful of those persons. I thus certify that I will never make defamatory statements that could damage reputations and/or do anything else that could be detrimental to the participants.



I declare that the information provided is accurate and that any false statements may result in my application being declared ineligible.

I acknowledge that I have had sufficient time to become familiar with these commitments and that I was able to ask any questions I deemed relevant; and I further declare that I understand and accept the nature and extent of my obligations hereunder.