Josée Beaulieu

Centre du Camion Côte-Nord

Participation in the OSEntreprendre Challenge
  • Regional prizewinner Successful Business Inc., 2017

  • Regional prizewinner, 2000

  • Commerce
  • Côte-Nord

Business is a family affair

14 400 sq. ft.

The surface area of the new Centre du Camion Côte-Nord facilities, which is equivalent to about eight volleyball courts!

Entrepreneurship is in the blood of the Beaulieu-Guérin family! Owners of Centre du Camion Côte-Nord since 1999, Josée Beaulieu and Claude Guérin can count on their daughter Cassandra, 20, to take over the business at some point in the middle term. Cassandra, who holds a DCS in administration, has been working at her parents' enterprise since January 2017.

"I am thrilled, because I would never have thought that she would come back to the North Shore after her studies," says Josée Beaulieu, who manages other enterprises in addition to Centre du Camion Côte-Nord. "My family and I have been operating an outfitter's near Portneuf-sur-Mer for twelve years now. And I also run a seniors' home with my brothers," she adds. Business is certainly a family affair where Josée is concerned, that's for sure!

With a view to ensuring the sustainability of their enterprise, Josée Beaulieu and Claude Guérin recently invested a million dollars to expand Centre du Camion Côte-Nord. Once the work is completed, the new facilities will be twice as large and have twice the number of garage doors, going from four to eight. In addition, the owners are planning on increasing their work force to 18 and took advantage of the expansion work to add new banners, thereby increasing the service offer of their enterprise.

Even if the couple is a long way off from retiring—she is 45, and he, 54—the pair, both from Forestville, have been thinking about a succession plan and how to maximize the development of their business. "We have always believed that we should seize opportunities as they appear. That's how our enterprise came to be founded in the late 1990s: my husband, who owned seven trucks, had decided to build a garage to maintain his own vehicles," explains Beaulieu.

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