06 February, 2017

Draw for elementary and secondary level stakeholder !



Rules and regulation:

1. On March 24, 2017 will be generated the list of projects submitted in the primary and secondary categories meeting the eligibility requirements of the OSEntreprendre Challenge. The number of chances to win is determined by the number of students involved in the project, in the box provided for this purpose in the registration form. The draw of the 34 winners takes place at random from the number of the projects, with 2 draws per region.

2. Each winning Project Representative will be contacted by email within the next few days and will have 10 business days to confirm their mailing address to receive their prize.

3. The names of the winners will be announced on the facebook page of the OSEntreprendre Challenge on March 24th at 12:00 PM.

4. A single project representative may win only once in the draw.

5. "The person for whom a publicity contest is held, his employee, his representative, his agent or a member of the jury and the persons with whom he is domiciled may not participate in this competition." 1 Régie des alcools des courses et des jeux, art. 12

6. "A dispute concerning the organization or conduct of a publicity contest may be submitted to Régie des Alcools, des courses et des jeux for resolution. A dispute concerning the awarding of a prize may be submitted to the Régie only for the purpose of an intervention in an attempt to resolve it." 2 Régie des alcools des courses et des jeux, art. 5 al. 10

*Loi sur les loteries, les concours publicitaires et les appareils d'amusement (chapitre L-6, a. 20
* Idem



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