27 January, 2020

The moi j’OSEntreprendre! T-shirt

In recent years, a number of school stakeholders have asked if there were any OSEntreprendre T-shirts available. OSEntreprendre therefore set to work developing a tool that would be in keeping with its policy of supporting local businesses. The visual design of the resulting product also needed to focus on the spirit of entrepreneurship and the affirmation of Québec’s young people.


The moi j’OSEntreprendre! T-shirt is made to order by Arseno, a Matane company, using fabric manufactured in Montréal. They cost $15 (for youth) and $18 (for adult). OSEntreprendre does not derive any monetary advantage from the provision of affordable local products. Delivery is free of charge for all orders of $300 or more.

Visit Arseno’s online store (in French only)

If you need further information, please consult the User Guide (in French only) or contact Arseno : 1 877-562-0831 #16 or andrea.chouinard@arseno.qc.ca.

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