16 March, 2023

Highlighting the commitment of artisans at work throughout Québec

For over 40 years, Paul-Arthur Fortin and Hélène C. Fortin have been blazing the trail for the spirit of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship itself in Québec.

In 2020, in their eighties, they decided to sell their house. This raised the question of what to do with the hundreds of paintings by Québec artists that decorated the walls of their home.

They chose to donate their personal collection to OSEntreprendre, whose mission is in line with their life’s work: to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship in order to help build a proud, innovative, committed and prosperous Québec.

The organization humbly accepted the donation, meticulously packed the paintings and stored them with the idea of using them in a symbolic gesture as part of its 25th anniversary.

Three years later, the paintings have recently been sent to a hundred artisans, organizations that are following the example of Paul-Arthur Fortin and Hélène C. Fortin by making a remarkable difference to support the evolution of the spirit of entrepreneurship in schools and entrepreneurial communities in the 17 regions of Québec.

This wonderful story reminds us that we are all inheritors and transmitters of something greater than ourselves.

Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Fortin, for all that you have done for Québec!

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