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  • Eligibility criteria

    To be eligible, projects must:

    To be eligible, participants must:

    Some exclusions

    Staff members and administrators of OSEntreprendre and of any regional mandatary organizations, as well as local and regional representatives, members of the organizing committee, jury members, honorary presidents, suppliers, sponsoring partners and strategic alliances of the current edition of the OSEntreprendre Challenge are not eligible, no matter the section they are involved in.

    Are you hesitating between two sections?

    Businesses that are in the start-up phase register for the Business Creation section.

    The Doing Business Together section enables already established businesses to demonstrate how their supply practices have evolved to prioritize dealing with Québec suppliers.

    Frequently asked questions

    1. Are franchises eligible?

    The opening of a new franchise is eligible because the franchise owner is financially independent from the franchisor and manages their own company themselves.

    2. Are business expansions elligible?

    The creation of a new business or project that consists in the extension or expansion of an existing company is not eligible (e.g. the owner of a clothing store that has already been open for several years decides to open a second point of sale in the neighbouring town, registered under the same number, and to group together certain operations to reduce costs).

    3. Does a change in legal status constitute a new business?

    Changing elements of a company’s legal status (name of company, association, share ownership, etc.) is not enough for a business to be considered “new”, whether due to a change of ownership or not.

    4. Can a business project that participated in a previous edition of the OSEntreprendre Challenge register for this edition?

    A business that was registered in the Business Creation section in a previous edition of the OSEntreprendre Challenge may register for a subsequent edition so long as it meets the eligibility criteria and did not win a prize in an official category at the regional level or any prize at the provincial level.

    5. Is a business buyout or takeover elligible?

    The buyout or takeover of a business does not make it eligible for the Business Creation section of the OSEntreprendre Challenge. However, a business that only buys out or takes over a building or equipment may be eligible (considered to be a new business).

    6. What is the context for sales before April 1, 2021?

    7. Which section should a student register to?

    A business project by a student or group of students aged 18 years or over may be entered either in the Scholastic section or the Business Creation section, so long as it complies with all eligibility criteria. However, a project cannot be entered simultaneously in both sections for the same edition of the OSEntreprendre Challenge.

    A project that has already been registered in the Scholastic section of the OSEntreprendre Challenge, whether or not it was a prizewinner, may be entered in the Business Creation section in a subsequent edition of the Challenge, so long as the project respects all eligibility criteria.

    However, students who have a business plan for a new business, including projects developed as part of a “Starting a Business” program for vocational training, are strongly advised to register their project in the Business Creation section.

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