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    Every year, the Successful Business Inc. section promotes businesses in every region that are still operational after more than five years and whose track record boasts the following five ingredients of success: achievements, values, finances, forecasts and teamwork.

    Discover these inspiring models from the 17 regions of Québec!

    2022 Sucessful Business inc. National Prize


    Lanaudière | 18th edition

    Complementary and inventive entrepreneurs who propel a unique product, ultralight mini-trailers for hassle-free travel, whose potential is undeniable for the electric vehicle market. Their constant evolution is made possible thanks to the support of their employees. Pleasure, respect and excellence are at the heart of Hélio's success.

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    The 2021 finalists

    Meet the prizewinners of the 24th edition

    Winner of the 2021 Successful Business Inc. Prize

    Zorah biocosmétiques inc.

    The company develops high-end, high-performance, certified organic cosmetic products that influence industry practices. Sustainable development and cooperation forge the entire value chain of resilient entrepreneurs, inhabited by an inspiring entrepreneurial drive.

    National prizewinner 2007

    Winner of the 2019 Successful Business Inc. Prize

    Conception Impack DTCI inc.

    "When we pull together, we succeed. When the going gets tough, we have each other’s backs."

    - Dominic Theriault


    This company develops equipment designed to improve productivity by lowering production costs to meet the performance expectations and environmental challenges faced by the packaging industry. An inspiring entrepreneurial endeavour, Impack provides a business model that has the potential for worldwide innovation. In supporting young people and giving back to the community, it exemplifies the true spirit of co-operation.

    National prizewinner 2003

    Winner of the 2018 Successful Business Inc. Prize

    Squeeze Studio Animation

    "I believe it is by winning the 2018 Succesful Business Inc. Prize that we realized for the firs time all the way since the foundation."

    Denis Doré


    High-level 3D character animation studio that brings together the best talents and shines Québec at home and abroad, both in creation and in entrepreneurship. Their concern to develop and keep intellectual property in Quebec makes them a good model for the next generation.

    Participant, 2012


    Winner of the 2017 Successful Business Inc. Prize

    Faction Bike Studio

    This prize is a motivation for all of us.»
    - Érick Auger


    This company, which specializes in industrial design and bicycle engineering, has the talent it takes to rekindle passion and innovation. It is a stellar example of how Québec exports the products of its ingenuity in highly specialized fields. And it shows what you can achieve when you set out to build a happy, competitive and innovative team that is fully involved in its community.

    Participant, 2011

    Winner of the 2016 Successful Business Inc. Prize

    Rien ne se perd, tout se crée…

    “For us, it’s the same as winning the Stanley Cup or the Palme d'or in Cannes!”
    -Marie-Claude Trempe et Evelyne Gélinas

    The creation, manufacturing and sales of original, environmentally friendly clothing and accessories. These entrepreneurs with their contagious enthusiasm knew how to throw their hats in the ring in one of the most competitive fields and show promise. Always attentive to their clients and having strong human and ecological values, they are making a remarkable contribution to the economic, social and tourist activities of their village and region. Ambassadors and models of success, they are widely considered to be people who ''make a difference''.

    Participant, 2005

    Winner of the 2015 Successful Business Inc. Prize


    Production of certified organic symbiotically fermented herbs. Kefiplant creates fermented herb extracts that are safe and provide health benefits, thanks to a Canada-and US-patented fermentation process. These extracts are used by the supplements manufacturing industry and as ingredients in beverages. Kefiplant’s leader is an extraordinary, enthusiastic and bold entrepreneur who saw the potential in this market. She had the courage to believe in her idea and promote it on the international market right from the beginning and her company has grown tremendously over the last three years.

    Participant, 2006

    Winner of the 2014 Successful Business Inc. Prize

    Biodélices inc. 

    Development and refinement of biological maple syrup in order to adapt it to current markets and trends, enabling people to discover the quality and richness of Québec’s soil. The company represents a healthy growth model and is known well beyond our borders. The entrepreneurs have been steeped in all things maple since childhood and, thanks to their perseverance and ingenuity, they have developed winning marketing strategies. Their strength lies in providing high-end, quality products identified with Québec; their impact on their region is undeniable. A superb example of a family business that balances work and family life.

    Participant, 2008

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