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    Réseau Info Éducation AMEQ en ligne (available only in French)

    Réseau Info Éducation AMEQ en ligne provides a summary of current events in the francophone education sectorin North America. The newsletter is addressed to all educators—college, university, elementary and secondary school. It is of interest to administrators, professionals, support staff, businesses and related organizations.


    Desjardins Foundation

    The Desjardins Foundation encourages educational success for a large number of young people in all regions of Québec and Ontario, mainly by awarding scholarships and prizesand funding various projects related to student retention.

    Education Through Entrepreneurial Spirit


    Education Through Entrepreneurial Spirit, along with its levers of awareness, experimentation, acknowledgement and self-affirmation, is an excellent pedagogical approach that has a significant impact on student development by contributing to entrepreneurial culture, student perseverance and educational success, personal satisfaction and fulfillment, and career choice.

    Impacts of entrepreneurial projects

    Teachers, school principals and students talk about the positive effects of entrepreneurial projects in school and proudly present their achievements.


    “There are so many different impacts, not only when it comes to school subjects, but also on the degree of commitment and motivation on the part of the young people to stay in school.

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