Interest form – Entrepreneur as part of the Semaine des entrepreneurs à l’école

Express your interest in voluntarily giving one or more presentations to the young people in your community by completing the 6 sections of this form!

Paper copies are not accepted. Unless otherwise indicated, all questions must be answered.

The Commitment section confirms the commitments that you make makes when they submit their interest in giving a presentation.

The Creating a file section allows you to create your access code. An email will be automatically sent to you so that you can confirm the creation of your file. This step is compulsory to proceed with the application.

The Identification section confirms the contact information for you and your business.

The Presentation(s) section collects your preferences and availabilities with regard to giving presentation(s).

The Referral section indicates where you heard about the activity.

The Submit section is to officially submit your completed application form before the deadline.

Save your information by using the buttons provided. Please note that it is not advisable to leave your form open for long periods without regularly saving the information you have entered.

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