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  • Entrepreneurship is a way for individuals to be fulfilled, express their values, bring their ideas to life, gain control of their lives and contribute to their community. Entrepreneurial spirit is forged and evolves throughout one’s life in accordance with one’s personality, experience and environment. 

    Education Through Entrepreneurial Spirit, along with its levers of awareness, experimentation, acknowledgement and self-affirmation, is an excellent pedagogical approach that has a significant impact on student development by contributing to entrepreneurial culture, student perseverance and educational success, personal satisfaction and fulfillment, and career choice.

    Education professionals who use entrepreneurial pedagogy affirm revitalizing their teaching practices, enjoying teaching more, and observing a decrease in behavioural problems and the time spent on class management. Over 6 000 of these professionals adopt this approach every year.


    To discover the 4 intervention levers, click here!

    The 4 intervention levers in Education Through Entrepreneurial Spirit

    Awareness Lever

    Experimentation Lever

    Acknowledgement Lever

    Self-affirmation Lever

    Thanks to the teachers and education professionals who guide students throughout their entrepreneurial experience!