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    Le Retrouve-Tout

    Provincial prizewinner

    OSEntreprendre Challenge

    Every school must contend with personal belongings getting lost, and no simple solution exists for this problem. Occasionally, all the found items turned in to the office are displayed in a public area in the hope of reuniting lost property with its owner. But the truth is that students rarely recover lost belongings or forget what it is they lost in the first place. Thus Retrouve-Tout was born.

    The goal of the project is to gather all found items in one location, sort them by category and post them on a blog. Putting the list of found items online is the key to the solution. Now parents and students can easily recover lost belongings by going to the found item registry and searching for their property by keyword. The found property can be recovered at scheduled times. At the end of the year, any unclaimed items are donated to a charitable organization.

    Level of education

    Elementary Cycle Two (Elementary 3 and 4)

    Students involved

    65 Students

    Nature of the project


    Results observed

    Parents are pleased with this system, as it made it easier to find recover their child's lost belongings and avoid the expense of having to replace them. The project is very popular among the students, with more than one hundred of them attending the brainstorming session! The kindergarten class were among them, and this gave them the opportunity to learn with the older children.

    Involvement and support

    Cycles 2 and 3 teachers took part in preparing the brainstorming session. By consulting the Retrouve-Tout blog, all the students at the school feel they are involved in the project. The kindergarten class helps sort the found items. Parents regularly consult the blog. A local charitable organization is given any unclaimed property at the end of the year.

    Major steps

    • Brainstorming session and solution collectively chosen
    • Committees struck and tasks assigned
    • Found clothing sorted and entered into the system
    • List of lost objects put online and project officially announced
    • Daily management of the Retrouve-Tout blog

    Project materials needed

    • Camera for taking pictures of lost objects
    • Containers for holding the sorted lost objects
    • Room serving as warehouse and drop-off point
    • Computer for managing the blog

    Connection with the Québec Education Program

    Education Through Entrepreneurial Spirit is excellent for integrating skills from the Preschool and elementary education program and the Secondary education program.

    Broad Areas of Learning

    Subject Areas

    Intellectual competencies

    Methodological competencies

    Communication-Related competency

    Personal and social competency

    Positive influences on student retention

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