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    Passions à l'horizon

    Provincial prizewinner

    OSEntreprendre Challenge

    By the end of elementary school, grade 6 students must make important decisions about their future, namely the program and courses they will take in secondary school.

    Naturally, thican be stressful for those with no idea of the type of career they would like. It was for this reason students at Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption elementary school decided to organize Passions à l'horizon, an event where highly motivated individuals were invited to talk about their profession to students aged 5 to 12.

    Level of education

    Elementary Cycle Three (Elementary 5 and 6)

    Students involved

    16 Students

    Nature of the project


    Results observed

    The event benefited its youth organizers, the student attendees and the community itself. By participating in the project, the organizers developed skills in such areas as information technology and communication (ITC) and planning. The students who attended the conference gained a better understanding of various trades and career options, which will have a positive influence on their academic motivation. Considering that over 20 speakers are present every year, a student in the 6th grade will have attended over a hundred conferences by the time he or she graduates. Passions à l'horizon has built bridges between the working world and school, and it has been a good experience for all.

    Involvement and support

    Community involvement is essential to realize the Passions à l'horizon, a project based on mobilizing speakers. A whole team of sponsors and volunteers had a hand in the event's success: Caroline Neveu, communication advisor at CSOB and president of honour at the conference, assisted the young entrepreneurs with planning; Eska supplied 50 bottles of water; Miellerie Grande Ourse donated a basket of products as door prizes; and Comité des paniers de Noël funded snacks for the speakers. Radio Énergie, RNC média and L'écho Abitibien interviewed students to boost the visibility of the event.

    Major steps

    • Sponsors for the different committees contacted
    • Press conference organized
    • Promotional material developed
    • Event held
    • Speakers thanked and their feedback on their experience sought

    Project materials needed

    • Water bottles
    • Refreshments for the speakers
    • Door prizes 
    • Computers

    Connection with the Québec Education Program

    Education Through Entrepreneurial Spirit is excellent for integrating skills from the Preschool and elementary education program and the Secondary education program.

    Broad Areas of Learning

    Subject Areas

    Intellectual competency

    Methodological competencies

    Communication-Related competency

    Personal and social competencies

    Positive influences on student retention

    Project suggestions

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