07 January, 2020

2021-2026 Youth Action Strategy : For a strong and innovative new generation of entrepreneurs!

Québec City, January 7, 2020 – It was with a profound desire to contribute to the advancement of Québec and the full development of its young people’s potential that OSEntreprendre submitted its brief as part of the consultations on the renewal of the 2021-2026 Youth Action Strategy.


Through its mission and activities, OSEntreprendre is privileged to be present in the lives of young people as they journey from elementary school to adulthood. This, combined with intersectorial action throughout the 17 regions of Québec, enables OSEntreprendre to observe the vitality and potential of youth in all its diversity. The mobilization of some 30 strategic allies and 15 partners, as well as close collaboration with government partners, also provides a fresh perspective on a rapidly evolving field.


OSEntreprendre is recommending that Québec prioritize three orientations:


These orientations are accompanied by 10 ways to put them into action and thus have an impact, not only on Area of Intervention 5, Entrepreneurship, but on all the areas of intervention in the Québec Youth Policy. To read the brief (available only in French), please click on: osentreprendre.quebec.


OSEntreprendre congratulates the Secrétariat à la Jeunesse on this open consultation process and for listening to all the proposals designed to support our young people.


About OSEntreprendre

OSEntreprendre has a mission to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship in order to help build a proud, innovative, committed and prosperous Québec. Recognizing the human adventure of entrepreneurship and encouraging Education Through Entrepreneurial Spirit in Schools characterize its actions. OSEntreprendre’s activities bring together more than 80 000 participants throughout all 17 regions of Québec, from elementary school to university students, as well as business starters and entrepreneurs.

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