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  • Step 1 of the OSEntreprendre Challenge

    Registration opens: end of November 2021

    Have you made the leap into a new entrepreneurial adventure? Position your project, earn prizes, grow your network and share YOUR passion! Register for the OSEntreprendre Challenge! 

    Read the Guide to the Form to properly prepare your application. Every project must be registered in one of the categories of the section. The answers to questions must demonstrate that the project meets the evaluation criteria


    Step 2 of the OSEntreprendre Challenge

    Validation of application

    OSEntreprendre sends an “Entrepreneurship, I’m up for the Challenge!” sticker to all project representatives in every category.  

    Step 3 of the OSEntreprendre Challenge

    Slection process

    All prizewinners receive an item in recognition of their initiative and to inspire entrepreneurship throughout Québec!


    Applicants who are not present for the interview are considered to have withdrawn their application. No jury is required to award all prizes if the quality of the applications received is deemed to be unsatisfactory or if no projects were registered in a given category. The decisions made by the juries may not be appealed. The jury members are not required to forward their comments or their completed evaluation sheets to participants.

    Local level | Selection at the beginning of April

    The winners will receive:

    • Official seal
    • Certificate
    • Banner


    In the territories that do not select local winners, all applications will move on directly to the regional level. 

    Regional level | Selection at the end of April

    In addition to prizes, the winners will receive:

    • Official seal
    • Certificate
    • Lapel pin


    A regional gala will be held in every region across Québec in April. To find out more about the date and concept for a particular event, contact your regional representative.

    Provincial level | Selection in May

    In addition to prizes, the winners will receive:

    • Official seal
    • Certificate
    • Trophy

    All finalists will be call to interviews in May, 2021, according to their category and region. The Desjardins Grand Prize Gala of the OSEntreprendre Challenge is held in Québec city in June.

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