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    The OSEntreprendre Challenge acknowledges incredible entrepreneurial experimentation initiatives.

    Whether they start a community garden at age 6, or launch a new app at university, young people claim a piece of the action and a voice to make decisions, in partnership with school staff.

    Entrepreneurial experimentation, the second lever of Education Through Entrepreneurial Spirit, has positive impacts on student development by contributing to entrepreneurial culture, student perseverance and educational success, personal satisfaction and growth, as well as career guidance for older students. 

    What is an entrepreneurial project?

    • The aim of an entrepreneurial project is to create a product, service or event that satisfies a want or need in the community, find a solution to a problem or improve a situation for a target audience that goes beyond the project participants themselves (e.g. a school, a community, a family, a specific group).  
    • The entrepreneurial project places students at the heart of the action, allowing them to participate actively in the decisions and tasks required to carry out all steps involved.
    • Entrepreneurial projects allow students to develop a spirit of entrepreneurship as well as different entrepreneurial values and qualities such as self-confidence, perseverance, initiative, creativity, a sense of responsibility, autonomy and team spirit.


    Eligibility criteria

    Student Entrepreneurship or Business Creation?

    A business project by a student or group of students aged 18 years or over may be entered either in the Student Entrepreneurship division or the Business Creation division, so long as it complies with all eligibility criteria. However, a project cannot be entered simultaneously in both divisions for the same edition of the OSEntreprendre Challenge. Students who develop entrepreneurial projects in a school setting are invited to submit their projects under the OSEntreprendre Challenge’s Student Entrepreneurship division.

    However, students who have a business plan for a new business, including projects developed as part of a “Starting a Business” program, are strongly advised to submit their project in the Business Creation division.

    Examples of entrepreneurial projects | Products

    • An audio storybook
    • A collection of short stories
    • Board games
    • A Web application

    Examples of entrepreneurial projects | Services

    • A student café
    • Bicycle repairs
    • Affordable legal aid  
    • Purchase and sale of used books
    • A second-hand clothing store

    Examples of entrepreneurial projects | Events

    • An awareness campaign
    • A comedy show
    • A conference
    • An evening dinner fundraiser
    • A sports competition

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