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    Every year, the Successful Business Inc. section acknowledges entrepreneurs in every region that are still in business after more than five years and whose track record boasts the following five ingredients of success: achievements, values, finances, forecasts and teamwork. These entrepreneurs are also invited to touch base with the OSEntreprendre Challenge in order to share their inspirational journey and foster the spirit of entrepreneurship everywhere in Québec! 

    Registration process and Form

    Prepare your registration form

    Read the Guide to the Form to properly prepare your application. Your application must demonstrate that the project meets the evaluation criteria. Download the evaluation criteria.


    Do you have any questions about your project’s eligibility? Contact your local representative.


    Eligible businesses

    To be eligible, businesses must:  

    • Complete a duly completed registration form before the online registration period closes.
    • Have participated in the Business Creation section of the OSEntreprendre Challenge more than five years ago (from the 1st edition in 1998-99 to the 16th edition in 2013-14, excluding participants in the Business Transition category).
    • Have a vocation that has evolved out of its initial mission.
    • Have its head office and do business mainly in Québec.
    • Have a Québec Enterprise Number (NEQ).

    A business entered in previous years in the Successful Business Inc. section may be registered again provided it meets the eligibility criteria and it did not win a prize at the regional or provincial level.


    Eligible participants

    To be eligible, applicant(s) must:

    • Be 18 years of age or older.
    • Reside in Québec and have Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status.
    • Be one (or more) of the original founders, own at least 50% of the business, and play an active role in the business’ management and operation.* 


    * This does not apply to social economy enterprises and NPOs.

     Staff members and administrators of OSEntreprendre and of any regional mandatary organizations, as well as local and regional representatives, members of the organizing committee, jury members, honorary presidents and suppliers of the current edition of the OSEntreprendre Challenge are not eligible.

    More than $150,000 cash prizes awarded | Do yourself proud!

    $7,500 | Regional prizes

    These businesses will be selected at the regional level only. At the regional level, a $7,500 prize will be awarded in each of the 17 regions of Québec, thanks to the financial contribution of the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation.


    $25,000 | Provincial prizes

    The provincial winners of the OSEntreprendre Challenge will be revealed and will receive a $25,000 prize, thanks to the financial contribution of the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation, at the Desjardins Grand Prize Gala of OSEntreprendre Challenge.

    Winner of the 2019 Successful Business Inc. Prize

    Conception Impack DTCI inc.

    This company develops equipment designed to improve productivity by lowering production costs to meet the performance expectations and environmental challenges faced by the packaging industry. An inspiring entrepreneurial endeavour, Impack provides a business model that has the potential for worldwide innovation. In supporting young people and giving back to the community, it exemplifies the true spirit of co-operation. The motto of the company: When we pull together, we succeed. When the going gets tough, we have each other’s backs.



    2019 Finalists

    Bas-Saint-Laurent | 2010-11 edition

    Estrie | 2011-12 edition

    Lanaudière | 2002-03 edition

    Lanaudière | 2008-09 edition

    Laval | 2012-13 edition

    Watch the finalists' video (in French only)

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