From November 11 to November 22, 2019, entrepreneurs will be visiting classrooms of thousands of students in elementary school through university. The program consists of a vast array of free conferences in Québec’s schools, led on a volunteer basis by hundreds of enthusiastic entrepreneurs. An activity which taps into National Entrepreneurship Day and Global Entrepreneurship Week. Reserve a conference or indicate your interest as an entrepreneur by October 18, 2019!


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The Semaine des entrepreneurs à l’école is an innovative motivational event that brings together thousands of students in elementary school through university and entrepreneurs from their community by means of free presentations offered at school. It is an awareness-raising activity, first lever of the Education Through Entrepreneurial Spirit, that helps to develop an entrepreneurial culture among young people and encourages them to bring their ideas to life.

We’re inviting an entrepreneur

  • So we can host an a free and enriching activity designed to raise awareness, the first lever of Education Through Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • So we can help students catch the entrepreneurial spirit and carry out plans designed to develop their potential and help them integrate into society (Career Planning and Entrepreneurship broad area of learning)
  • So our students and their school can experience the beneficial effects of an entrepreneurial project
  • So we can use entrepreneurship to integrate the subjects and competencies of the education program
  • So we can help our young people forge links with their community

Entrepreneur: I’d like to give a presentation

  • To share my passion with students
  • To help them discover different entrepreneurial models
  • To be a positive and meaningful role model
  • To encourage entrepreneurial projects in the school
  • To talk about my involvement and inspire the community to get involved

Reserve a conference by October 18, 2019

  • Fill out the online request form as a school

Online request form as a school (in French only)

  • Fill out the online request form as an entrepreneur

Online request form as an entrepreneur (in French only)


The Semaine des entrepreneurs à l’école reserves the right not to serve all requests based on availability.

Help with registration


Want to know more about the Semaine des entrepreneurs à l'école in your region? Questions about your conference? Contact the representative in your region!

Transform your ideas into action!

  • "Do you have any ideas on how to improve your school?" sheet (elementary) and "Take action and bring your ideas to life!" sheet (secondary) for each student to encourage them to carry out an entrepreneurial project at school
  • Carry out an entrepreneurial project at school and register for the OSEntreprendre Challenge
  • An initiative that complements the Journée nationale de la culture entrepreneuriale and Global Entrepreneurship Week


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